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Personal Biographies | Legacy Films


 Memorialize your story, and preserve your heritage with your own personal biography or family legacy film. Share for generations. We work with our clients to create custom films to share your story, and your family legacy in your own words.

Corporate Legacy Films


Share your business story, celebrate the original framework and values that paved the way for success. Tell the lessons learned and business legacy you want to leave behind for your family, and your community.

Family Geneology Stories


Preserve Your Heritage.  After two generations, cultural and family stories lost.  Our award winning producers dig deep to shine a light on your family heritage and discover how your ancestors impacted your own destiny.

Special Occasion | Tribute Films


There's no better gift than to celebrate a major milestone with a custom film. Whether it's for a 70th Birthday, Rehearsal Dinner, or for someone special.   Its a work of art, they can treasure forever and share with the world if they chose. 

In Memorium


Memorialize a loved one, and preserve their memory, values, and their inspirational, powerful and emotional stories for generations to come with a custom in memoriam film.   We work with you to create your vision - and shine a light on your loved one, and their incredible journey through life. 

Custom Compellation Videos


The perfect gift for the person with everything, whether you want a tour of your car collection with expert car historians, or film on the new modern piece of art you invested in, we can do it all. 


legacy film division

Commemorate your story. Preserve your heritage. Share for generations.

Your journey through life is a story to tell... with traditions to uphold, values, lessons learned, and stories of leisure, travel.  Achievements of pride, and triumph and even tragedy. A life made stronger with faith and gratitude.   Let us tell your story, to preserve your heritage and share for generations to come.  Whether you would like to commemorate your personal story, family story, or business profile as a short film, or documentary, our team of Emmy Award winning producers, and storytellers will create a custom film for you. The background of our team is born and raised in both Aspen, CO and Palm Beach, FL and used to working with the most discreet families.  

Commemorate your story.  Preserve your heritage.  Share for generations.

We look forward to hearing from you and bringing your story to life.

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