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Founder: Kristin Shae Pisarcik


Kristin Shae Pisarcik, Founder Minted Media | Executive Producer | Storyteller

Kristin Shae Pisarcik is the founder of Minted Media, a passionate storyteller and an Emmy award winning producer with over 15 years of network and television production experience. She has a range of TV experience, from producing and developing network pilots, documentaries for cable networks, to casting and producing sizzles and also longform storytelling.

In 2013, Kristin founded Minted Media and pursued her passion for development and story telling.  Since its inception, she has consulted for both networks and production companies and also develops series and content for various platforms.  Earlier this year, Minted Media premiered its first digital series for BET Digital Network, WIG OUT.  Minted Media developed and executive produced "WIG OUT", a docu-series following hair influencer Cliff Vmir, its the first unscripted digital docu-series for the network and has garnered millions of views.  Minted Media has also partnered with premiere production companies on development projects including: Blumhouse Studios, Telepictures, Left Right, Lucky 8, and Park Slope Productions among others.

Most recently, Kristin worked at ABC's production company, Lincoln Square Productions in New York City as a development producer | consulting producer working in development, and production of various primetime network shows, documentaries and cable series for various networks and platforms including: ABC, ABC Family, Lifetime, Oxygen, ID, History, and A&E to name a few. Noteable series include: A&E's crime talk show, "Grace vs. Abrams,"  ABC's "What Would You Do?," ABC's "People's List,"  ABC Family "Next Step Reality: NYC," Telepictures' "Crime Watch Daily" (Pilot), and among others.  

Prior, she was nominated for an Emmy as the Senior Editorial Producer for Anderson Cooper's daytime show, ANDERSON; and cut her storytelling chops at ABC NEWS' 20/20 and Primetime producing breaking news, investigative, pop culture and crime yarns for ABC News Magazines for almost a decade.  Her career highlights include:  winning a CINE Award for her work with the FBI to break the domestic trafficking of minors story for the first time on ABC News, and garnering a Gracie Award for her work on an impactful domestic violence story with correspondent Diane Sawyer.  

Minted Media recently launched a LEGACY FILMS division, dedicated to telling powerful personal, corporate and legacy stories for our clients. Kristin is a passionate storyteller and is commited to producing impactful films for small family audiences, to be shared with generations to come.  Her inspiration to launch legacy films came from the passing of her grandmother, "one of my biggest regrets is not interviewing my grandmother before she passed away. My Nanny was a strong, wise and nurturing woman.  Recently,  my daughter Allegra, 3, started to ask me questions about my Nanny and I wish I had preserved her wisedom, character and also, her lessons learned through her stories to pass down to not only my daughter, but my great great grandchildren," said Kristin Pisarcik. 

Minted Media LLC is based in Palm Beach, FL.



Kent Anderson, Director | Branded Content Specialist | Documentarian

 Kent Anderson is a visual storyteller with over a decade of experience directing and producing branded content and documentaries.  Kent started his career in Los Angeles with Live Nation Studios and SPIN Media, creating content for many Fortune 500 brands such as American Express, General Motors, Microsoft and Samsung to name a few. Kent moved back to his native Palm Beach, FL to combine his passion for filmmaking with his non-profit foundation, The Paradise Fund, which benefits underprivileged children in Florida and the Caribbean. He has documented much of the progress The Paradise Fund has made in areas such as Florida, the Bahamas, Haiti, and Cuba. His travels have garnered a following of over 17,000 on instagram. In addition to being a gifted filmmaker and hands-on philanthropist, Kent’s other passion includes flying airplanes. 

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Steffany Bane-Carey, Creative Director | Writer

Steffany Bane Carey is an award-winning Creative Director and writer with over 16 years experience producing branded content for fortune 500 companies in the beauty, sports, CPG and entertainment categories. She is a best-selling author, marketing industry contributor and proud mom of two girls. She loves developing unique and meaningful stories with purpose that have the ability to connect people. 


Nick Mele, Strategic Advisor | Commercial Photography | Art Direction

Nick Mele is a commercial photographer who specializes in portraits, lifestyle and interior design. He started off his career in New York, snapping society photos for Patrick McMullan, before eventually branching out into editorial and commercial photography. With a whimsical style that has often been compared to the late Slim Aaarons, Nick has established himself as the go to photographer in resort towns like Palm Beach, FL and Newport, RI. His photos have been featured in a myriad of online and print publications including Town & Country, The New York Times, Avenue, Quest, Architectural Digest, Vogue and Vanity Fair. Much like the aforementioned Slim, Nick has made a career photographing "attractive people in attractive places doing attractive things."


Blair Brandt, Strategic Advisor | Business Development and Sales

Noted entrepreneur Blair Brandt is perhaps best known for being the Co-Founder & CEO of the start-up real estate brokerage, Next Step Realty.

In his capacity as the CEO of Next Step, Brandt has been featured on various media including: Bloomberg TV, Fox News Live, Cheddar TV, The New York Times, Business Insider, & The New York Observer. CNN and Fortune featured Brandt and Next Step Realty in their list of “The Top 6 Dorm Room Start-Ups in The U.S.” At 23, Brandt was highlighted in the Forbes Magazine “30 Under 30” list, as the most notable young real estate entrepreneur in the world. In 2014, Brandt was named one of “10 prominent real estate figures under 30” by The Richest.

In 2015 through 2016, Brandt was featured in ABC Family's (now FreeForm) original series, "Next Step Realty: NYC", a primetime reality docu-series which showcased a "behind-the-scenes" look at a team of millennials building together one of New York City's fastest growing real estate companies.

In 2018, Brandt was named as one of "5 Millennial, Real Estate Rockstars" of the year. 

Most recently, Brandt was honored by The Humane Society of the United States as a "Humane Leader" whose efforts directly resulted in freedom for thousands of Greyhounds on Florida racetracks, and an end to the sport. With over a decade of experience in endeavors spanning the worlds of real estate, entertainment, and government relations, Brandt has shown an ability to turn impactful, meaningful concepts into realities. 

Having worked with Legacy Films' Founder and Executive Producer Kristin Pisarcik on the creation, development, and production of "Next Step Realty: NYC", Brandt witnesses first hand the reach and impact of film media. As a new father to son Louie and an expecting father to a baby girl, Brandt believes deeply in the value of a clear, strong legacy for individuals, both for the public and for family, and the power of film to achieve it. 

A Palm Beach native, Brandt graduated from Deerfield Academy and University of Richmond.